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How to Clean Epoxy Resin Tools?

To clean your tools, just wipe them off with a paper towel and set them down on a silicone mat (resin pulls off cleanly from silicone and won't stick whatsoever).  If you want to do a more thorough cleaning job, get some rubbing alcohol, pour it on a paper towel or cloth, and wipe down the tools again.  Then wash with hand soap and hot water.  This works for plastic stir sticks, epoxy resin spreaders and mixing cups.

Though you should always wear gloves when working with ZDSEpoxy , from time to time you may get some resin on your skin.  In this instance, simple hand soap and hot water will work, or you can use that orange soap that is marketed towards construction workers.  It's a manly exfoliating soap that'll also do a good job in cleaning up resin.  Use it with DRY hands, then wipe it off, and then use soap and water.  That's all it takes!  Cleaning up is easy. :)

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